I joined the Department of Atmospheric Science in the Fall of 2015. My research interests can be broadly categorized as follows: 1) improving our understanding of fundamental cloud microphysics, 2) examining microphysical-dynamical interactions in both stratiform and convective clouds, 3) mesoscale dynamics, and 4) improving and formulating parameterizations for cloud microphysics models. My group's research focuses on the application of numerical models of various scales and complexity, and I've developed several cloud models that are applied in his research. Moreover, I've also advanced our understanding of the aerosol-cloud-precipitation system in the context of deep convective clouds and suggested new pathways by which cloud microphysical characteristics may change under different aerosol conditions.

Ongoing Research Projects

The images below are a subset of the ongoing projects in my group.

Recent results

If you are interested in the latest findings from my group, check out the blog posts for more details and links to recently published papers.

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Current Research Projects

A lot is going on in the Lebo Research Group as we continue to grow. Below is a list of current projects (supported or not): 1 – Aerosol effects in deep convective clouds 2 – Understanding the role of melting in deep convective cloud strength, structure, and evolution 3 – Understanding and parameterizing aggregation 4 […]

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Zachary J. Lebo, PhD

Zachary J. Lebo, PhD

Assistant Professor

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