Aerosol Effects in Deep Convective Clouds

The basis of my thesis work was understanding the role of aerosol particles in the cloud microphysical evolution of deep convective clouds. To accomplish this, a detailed 2-moment bin model was developed (Lebo and Seinfeld 2011). This model has been modified to include numerous additional physical processes (Lebo et al. 2012, unpublished work). The model is designed to study impacts of changes in the ambient aerosol size distribution on cloud properties due to its binned aerosol distribution. Currently, my efforts have shifted away from understanding the effects of aerosol perturbations on deep convective clouds using compled 3D numerical simulations and instead have focused on simpler numerical frameworks in which we can examine the potential effects in a more controlled system and in the context of natural variability in convective updrafts, e.g., changes in CAPE, updraft width, updraft tilt, etc.