Understanding and parameterizing aggregation

This project is currently support by the Depoartment of Energy’s Atmospheric System Research program; the lead PI is Dr. Kara Sulia at SUNY Albany, and the work is in collaboration with Dr. Carl Schmitt at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. The goals of this work are to utilize a newly developed model for ice crystal growth, called the adaptive habit model (AHM), which predicts the evolution of the shape of ice crystals (using oblate and prolate spheroids). The model currently lacks a representation of aggregation largely due to the fact that our understanding of aggregation for non-spherical hydrometeors is lacking and the process is difficult to represent in a complex numerical model. To address this issue, we will utilize a newly developed aggregation simulated developed by Dr. Schmitt to constrain aggregation in the AHM. The newly developed parameterization will be implemented in the Weather Research and Forecasting model to investigate the effects of aggregation in various clouds, including isolated cirrus and convective anvils.